Justin Roiland Teases the Teensiest Bit of Rick and Morty Season Three

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Justin Roiland Teases the Teensiest Bit of <i>Rick and Morty</i> Season Three

Here at Paste, we eagerly devour any news of Rick and Morty season three, even the most minute, least revealing bits of information that mean nothing more than the creators just saying, “Hey, we are working on it.”

Justin Roiland, the co-creator, writer, producer and heavy-hitter in the voice cast of the show, recently attended the Adult Video Network Awards and tweeted that while he was there, he was working on season three, and included the smallest, teensiest of sneak peeks.

It’s a pretty great image, given that we know absolutely nothing about it. Rick is standing with one foot on a rock surrounded by three Mortys, each one with a different expression on his face. They appear to be standing on a plaque-adorned platform of some sort, like a display in a Museum of Ricks and Mortys. We could probably argue for weeks about what it means, and yeah, we probably will. Rest assured, they seem to still be playing with the multiple universes subplot.

Rick and Morty might—just might—return to Adult Swim in March. Check out Adult Swim’s other sneak peek from the new season here.