Rick and Morty Gets a Strange, Pixelated Promo Ahead of Season Four

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<i>Rick and Morty</i> Gets a Strange, Pixelated Promo Ahead of Season Four

Rick and Morty fans were elated last week when it was announced that the wacky animated show would be returning for its long-anticipated fourth season this fall. It’s been nearly two years since the airing of the cartoon’s most recent episode, and viewers have been champing at the bit for more content ever since (and they’re going to get a lot of it—Adult Swim has ordered an eyebrow-raising 70 episodes).

Ahead of the show’s forthcoming season, Adult Swim has released a promotional video of sorts in collaboration with artist Paul Robertson to build excitement in the form of a very strange, albeit epic, 8-bit-style short featuring various beloved Rick and Morty characters.

In the nonsensical yet entertaining mashup, the show’s titular characters are put into side-scrolling shooters, a surgery room and a speeding red sports car with none other than Ghost In a Jar as the driver. Other quick appearances are made by Jerry Smith, Duck with Muscles and many more.

That’s about all that we can explain from what the non-plot-heavy short shows, so check it out for yourself and try to make sense of it all below.