Squanch a Rough Sneak Peek from Rick and Morty Season Three

Comedy Video Rick and Morty
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Rick and Morty’s third season has achieved a near-mythic level of anticipation after repeated delays and increased interest in the cult comedy. Our first look at the show’s next season, quietly revealed in an Adult Swim livestream earlier this month, will do nothing to quell that anticipation.

The sub-three-minute clip consists only of storyboards, uncensored voiceovers, scant sound effects and three random dudes watching along in the corner. Suffice to say it contains the exact kind of insanity Rick and Morty devotees have come to expect, capped off by a hilarious, yet disturbing scene in which Rick and Morty are overcome by how dangerous their adventures are.

Per Polygon, Rick and Morty is set for a March, 2017 return. Watch the sneak peek from the new season above.