This Brutally Funny Rick and Morty Supercut Compiles Every Time Rick Has Screwed Morty Over

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This Brutally Funny <i>Rick and Morty</i> Supercut Compiles Every Time Rick Has Screwed Morty Over

Rick and Morty’s titular duo have a … turbulent relationship. The Machiavellian mad scientist and his morally upstanding, dimwitted grandson make for a mismatched pair of adventurers, but they’ve undertaken a staggering amount of adventures in the Adult Swim comedy’s first three seasons all the same, and although Morty has become increasingly capable (and wise to Rick’s ways) along the way, he had to learn by being hung out to dry repeatedly. Even in Rick and Morty’s very first episode—literally in the same breath with which he urges, “Stick with me, Morty”—Rick has been quick to leave Morty in the lurch, resulting in the supercut below.

Over the course of the seven-minute video from YouTube channel Supercut Action, which moves through the series chronologically, Rick screws Morty over again and again, whether it’s luring him into a dead-end conversation with Gearhead or passing out drunk while Morty is brutalized by a lava monster. It’s a funny but stark reminder of how Morty has been thrown into the deep end when it comes to he and his grandpa’s intergalactic explorations—the toughest of love.

Watch the supercut below, and revisit Rick and Morty’s recent starring turn in a Run the Jewels music video right here. There’s no word yet on when Rick and Morty will return to Adult Swim for a fourth season, but you can bet the internet will explode once there is.