Rose Matafeo Muses on Horniness in the Trailer for Her HBO Max Comedy Special Horndog

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Rose Matafeo Muses on Horniness in the Trailer for Her HBO Max Comedy Special <i>Horndog</i>

HBO has been the home of great comedy since the ‘70s. In the decades since the network has aired some of the best and most important stand-up specials of all time. It’s one of HBO’s defining features. Meanwhile, Netflix has proven how valuable a stockpile of stand-up can be for a streaming service. So obviously it was only a matter of time before HBO Max launched its own original comedy specials. That day arrives next week, August 20, when the streamer releases multiple specials as part of its Summer Comedy Festival.

One of those specials—and the one we’re here to talk about today—stars Rose Matafeo, a hilarious young comic from New Zealand who was only the fifth woman to win Best Comedy Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe when she took home the award in 2018. That show, Horndog, is now coming to HBO Max next week, and Paste is excited to share an exclusive look at the trailer with you.

Here’s how HBO Max’s press release describes Matafeo and Horndog:

Rose Matafeo has kissed nearly 10 men in her life, AKA she’s a total horndog. But what is horniness? Is it that intangible essence of excitement and adventure that has inspired humankind since the dawn of time? An understanding of the overwhelming power of love as the key to true personal flourishing? Or is it simply wanting to bone everyone, all the time? Join this Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show Winner as she tracks her history of heartfelt horniness in her first stand up special for HBO Max.

You can catch a glimpse of Horndog in the video below, with Matafeo musing on love, horniness, how twentysomethings don’t read books or have the money to buy homes, and also why baths are overrated.

Hornog premieres on HBO Max on August 20. Other comedians launching specials that day as part of HBO Max’s Summer Comedy Festival include Beth Stelling, James Veitch, and the HA Comedy festival lineup of Anjelah Johnson, Gina Brillon, Mark Viera and Jesus Trejo.