The Funniest Tweets About Rudy Giuliani's "You" Tweet

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The Funniest Tweets About Rudy Giuliani's "You" Tweet

Twitter gets a bad rap. Without it Rudy Giuliani never could’ve enraptured a global audience for entire seconds by cryptically writing the word “You,” as he did early this morning.

No Twitter, no “You.” No “You,” no Twitter jokes about “You.” And no Twitter jokes about “You,” no articles that are just collections of Twitter jokes about “You” hastily cobbled together by editors who spent the whole day Doing Stuff and are just looking for an easy way to unwind on a Sunday night, okay.

Be proud, Twitter. You might’ve ruined society by making it easier than ever for hate and disinformation to burrow their way into the hearts and minds of the masses, but without you none of… this would be possible. Thanks?

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