Watch Ryan Reynolds and Conan O'Brien Reenact Kissing Scene From The Notebook

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Conan O’Brien and Ryan Reynolds fell in love on a secluded vacation. At least that’s what Reynolds, Conan’s guest last night, claimed. Conan didn’t quite remember it that way. That’s fine, because Reynolds seems to remember everything pretty clearly, and even has a clip of the pair reenacting the climactic kissing scene from The Notebook to prove it.

The clip is a pretty spot-on reenactment of the scene, and the pair certainly commit to the kiss. The scene is just one part of The Notebook sequel that Reynolds was supposedly there to promote. Over the course of his interview with Conan, Reynolds also suggested several other things he might have been there to promote, including a documentary about dolphins and how to stop them, and his book on how to lower a child’s self-esteem.

While The Notebook 2 may not be happening, Deadpool 2 definitely is, with Reynolds in the starring role. The film recently lost its director, and has been searching for someone new to take over ever since. As for the sequel to the classic romance, while Reynolds (and “Conan McAdams”) may not be involved, it’ll probably happen eventually. Hollywood certainly loves its sequels.

Check out the full clip above to see what else Reynolds might have been there to promote.

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