Sam Bee Gives Hillary Clinton Some Praise for Her Performance in the First Debate

Comedy Video Samantha Bee
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Going into Monday night’s debate, expectations were sky-high for Hillary Clinton. She had to smile, but in an authentic way. She had to know her facts, but not come across as condescending. She had to be a robot, but a human one. During a segment on last night’s Full Frontal, Sam Bee pointed out that Clinton didn’t need anybody telling her what to do.

Bee played clips of Clinton after the debate, clearly happy with her performance. In one clip, the Democratic nominee said, “Anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night,” in response to Donald Trump’s reported problems with his microphone during the debate.

“Spontaneous slam!” Bee said. “She should prepare more of those and rehearse them for the next debate.” By all standards, Bee points out, Clinton mopped the floor with Trump like one of his undocumented employees.

Even so, Trump supporters were quick to point out that Clinton is still an unappealing prospect for many voters, which Bee thinks is probably alright. “She’s never going to make you love her,” the host said.”We don’t need her to be warm and vulnerable.” What we need her to be is what she already is: “Namely, one of the only people in the whole goddamn country who’s not afraid of a bully,” said Bee, putting a finer point on the issue.

Check out the full clip above to witness Bee rage against the double standards.

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