Samantha Bee Blames the GOP for Trump's False Voter Fraud Claims in Latest Full Frontal

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While the third and final presidential debate being over is a welcome relief, we still have to deal with the fallout of what was said, and Samantha Bee is here to sort through the mess.

Proudly sporting a “Nasty Woman” shirt, Bee said of Donald Trump’s debate performance:

Only kindergartners get credit for using their inside voices. Our media are so punch-drunk from the 16-month Hindenburg explosion of Trump’s candidacy, they no longer notice how awful he is unless he hulks out on stage or grabs the foundational principles of our republic by the pussy.

Bee also took umbrage with John McCain, who criticized Trump on his patently false voter fraud claims, by pulling up footage of McCain doing the exact same thing during his own presidential bid in 2008. “Spare us the hand-wringing, GOP,” Bee said. “If you leave loaded guns lying around the house it’s only a matter of time before a four-year-old picks one up and pulls the trigger.”

You can watch Bee’s takedown of the third presidential debate above, and watch the second part of last night’s Full Frontal episode below.

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