Watch Samantha Bee Interview President Obama on Full Frontal

Comedy Video Samantha Bee
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Samantha Bee announced last week that she would be interviewing the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and now her first talk with the president is available to watch.

Naturally, the big focus of the interview is on the upcoming election. Obama pushes hard to get millennials to vote, citing climate change, gender equality, healthcare and education as areas where a Clinton presidency would help the young generation. Bee helps Obama’s pitch skills by roleplaying as a disaffected millennial who isn’t interested in voting.

The two also speculate on how Obama’s racist opponents will change their tactics to be sexist towards President Clinton, whether Obama will mess with Donald Trump after he leaves office, and what sort of legacy the Obamas hope to leave behind. Bee and Obama wrap up the interview by telling a scary story about a Trump presidency.

You can watch the interview embedded above.

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