Adele Sings and Competes on The Bachelor in This Saturday Night Live Sketch

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Adele Sings and Competes on <i>The Bachelor</i> in This <i>Saturday Night Live</i> Sketch

Adele hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, but curiously wasn’t the musical guest. That honor instead went to H.E.R. Adele still got to do a fair amount of singing, though, primarily in this sketch, where she played a contestant on The Bachelor. Oh, and also herself. Yes, Adele played Adele as a contestant on The Bachelor.

What would ABC’s dating reality series be like if a world famous singer starred not as the titular focus of attention, but as one of the many people vying for the heart of the star? Well, here’s your answer. Uh, they’d sing, a lot, turning their massively popular (and emotionally fraught) pop songs into manipulative pleas for attention from the vacuous stars of network TV dating shows. Exciting!

Check out Adele as a contestant on The Bachelor below.

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