Alec Baldwin Plays Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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Is the comedy sketch above funny? Does that even matter? It’s an SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin pulling double duty as both Donald Trump and the scandal-plagued Bill O’Reilly, whose top-rated Fox News show has seen advertisers pull out en masse over his multi-million dollar sexual harassment settlements. This is the kind of thing you’ll just eventually wind up clicking on no matter what, because it exists and is on the internet, where the clicking is free. If you’re reading this, that means you’ve already bought in—SNL’s calculus that the idea of Baldwin playing both lecherous old conservatives would guarantee attention, no matter if the actual content was worthwhile or not, will clearly pay out in the end. And no, Paste is not above piggybacking on that math.

So hey, thanks for clicking! Watch the thing above. Again, it exists. And so do you. Congratulations!

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