Gal Gadot Really Is Wonder Woman in Her SNL Promo

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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After a so-so season premiere with Ryan Gosling, the top sketch-comedy show on television is hoping to bounce back in the second episode of the season with an exciting guest host. Gal Gadot was previously announced for this season of Saturday Night Live, and a funny enough promo, albeit technically rough (they don’t have a lot of time for these, let’s be real) was released by NBC today.

Cast member Beck Bennett contemplates whether Gadot is actually like Wonder Woman in any way, after which Gadot crashes through the wall in her now-iconic super-heroine pose. Leslie Jones botches the pronunciation of her last name (and does the same for Mikey Day), one of the obvious jokes we’re expecting about the actress. On our bingo card for the next SNL episode is “Waiting for Gadot” (although we kind of did that already) and “Amazon Prime delivers.”

Gal Gadot is hosting SNL on Oct. 7, with Sam Smith as the musical guest.

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