Melissa McCarthy Returns to SNL With an Easter Message From Sean Spicer

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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Remember that thing you liked on SNL a few months ago? Well, they’re still doing it, again and again.

Melissa McCarthy returned as Sean Spicer last night, donning a bunny suit and yelling a whole lot. (She has a nice yell.) It might be more of the same, but McCarthy is still game, and unlike Alec Baldwin’s Trump, it hasn’t become a regular episodic thing yet, so you’re forgiven for not sharing our own encroaching apathy about the whole situation. A legitimately funny woman playing a genuinely aggravating man whose job is to lie about the frightening state of the world today is certainly a recipe for some kind of comedy.

You can watch it above all you want, and maybe this world will hold out just long enough for McCarthy to do this again in three episodes.

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