Pete Davidson Talks About Ariana Grande (and, Uh, Mostly Politics) on SNL

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Pete Davidson Talks About Ariana Grande (and, Uh, Mostly Politics) on <i>SNL</i>

Pete Davidson, looking like Quicksilver escaped from a chain gang, did another one of his Weekend Update routines on SNL tonight, and once more it was the highlight of the show’s floundering fake news segment. His first impressions of various political candidates didn’t always land (and making fun of one candidate’s disability is pretty much bullshit), but the Andrew Cuomo joke is spot on and Davidson’s just so dang personable that even his weaker jokes tend to work. I’m just glad he didn’t say anything snarky about Stacey Abrams, who I am passionately and all-consumingly inspired by right now but will forget about almost immediately if she winds up losing.

Of course most Americans who know who Pete Davidson is probably don’t care about his comedy, or what he had to say about Dan Crenshaw and Rick Scott tonight. They’re gonna want to watch the video below because of what Davidson says about his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande at the very end, where he tires to take the high road in a breakup that has been as needlessly obsessed over by the media as the relationship that preceded it. I realize I am being extremely hypocritical here—just look at that headline above—but we’ve got bills to pay and I’ve got bills to pay and my bills have their own bills so here it is. After a few minutes of mediocre political jokes a comedian said a thing about the pop star he famously dated, and here we both are, reading and/or writing about it.

And if you don’t care about that, maybe this will strike your fancy: Tomorrow I’ve got to call the gas company to lock in their lowest fixed rate of the year. It’s only 39 and 9/10 of a cent per therm (?) over the next 12 months. That sounds like a deal, I guess? The card the gas company mailed to me tells me it is and it’s illegal to send lies through the mail, so that’s that.

Here’s the guy and the thing that he did.

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