SNL Turns Marriage Story into A Conway Marriage Story, Starring Kellyanne Conway

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<i>SNL</i> Turns <i>Marriage Story</i> into <i>A Conway Marriage Story</i>, Starring Kellyanne Conway

Forget the memes: Saturday Night Live did its own riff on Netflix’s Marriage Story in last night’s episode. Noah Baumbach’s latest film has taken Twitter by storm with its, um, intensely acted argument scene between stars Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, and this sketch includes its own version of that fight. The show’s twist on the movie is ditching the director/actor dynamic that clearly evokes Baumbach’s former marriage to Jennifer Jason Leigh, and turning the characters into George and Kellyanne Conway. Yes, Trump’s counselor and former campaign manager, and her husband, who has become an incredibly vocal critic of the president over the last two years.

So yeah, SNL takes the most memed movie of the week, and turns into another Trump thing.

It’s funny, in spots. The thing that unites them after their bitter arguments over Trump is a solid jab at what Republican “values” predate Trump’s ascension to the top of the party. And Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett are both fine here. This isn’t another one of those Alec Baldwin-style political disasters from SNL. And it doesn’t even feel like the show’s trying to hop on the movie’s viral moment; it makes sense they’d reference it this week, as Johansson is the episode’s host. She pops up here as a marriage counselor.

Hey: maybe check it out? Whatever you feel like doing.

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