Saturday Night Live Tackles R. Kelly's Interview with Gayle King

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<i>Saturday Night Live</i> Tackles R. Kelly's Interview with Gayle King

This wasn’t the best week for habitual child abusers who also happened to make a little music. Saturday Night Live postponed its typical Donald Trump cold open and focused on Gayle King’s highly illuminating interview with R. Kelly, which revealed not just the depth of the man’s ignorance and wickedness, but also inspired an armada of thinkpieces and memes. When you’re making fun of somebody who’s done what R. Kelly’s accused of doing, it’s a pretty thin line you have to walk, and Saturday Night Live hasn’t ever really been a show known for its subtlety. I’ll let others decide if this sketch maintains the appropriate amount of sensitivity this subject deserves, or if turning exploitative abusers into clowns is a sensible move, but I will say that Kenan Thompson once again gets to show why he’s one of the best cast members in SNL’s long history. Check it out below.

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