SNL Redoes Kanye's Trip to Trump's White House

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<i>SNL</i> Redoes Kanye's Trip to Trump's White House

Chris Redd is talented. He’s funny. He’s a smart addition to SNL’s cast. He doesn’t do a great Kanye, though, at least when it comes to capturing his voice and mannerisms. He is able to channel the kind of mania Kanye exhibited during his inexplicable visit to he Oval Office last week, where for a too-brief moment Kanye’s ranting actually silenced the president himself.

Too bad about Alec Baldwin, though. Whatever steam Redd works up in this sketch is blown away by the return of Baldwin’s off-note, off-putting Trump impression, which we hadn’t seen yet this season. Baldwin dredged up the same weird mannerisms and vocal patterns that sink his Trump sketches, once again coming off less like Trump than somebody trying to impersonate Trump after only watching him once. And as great as Kenan Thompson almost always is, this sketch goes too easy on Jim Brown, who is a dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporter and not some innocent old man who got caught in an awkward moment between these two egomaniacs.

Watch the most-talked-about clip from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live below, if you haven’t seen it yet.