SNL Visits Game of Thrones' Afterlife with Jason Momoa

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<i>SNL</i> Visits <i>Game of Thrones</i>' Afterlife with Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa was a regular on Game of Thrones seven years ago, so it was perfect time for Saturday Night Live to do a sketch about the fantasy hit when he hosted last night. “Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo” is a public access talk show (because SNL) set in the afterlife of the TV show with the highest body count since HBO’s Oz. Momoa reprises his star-making appearance as a Klingon, or whatever, as various SNL cast members show up as characters who I guess are from Game of Thrones, and somehow it all turns into an episode of Maury. Look, I was on planes for like 12 hours yesterday, and I don’t have any idea what day it even is right now, so I apologize if this isn’t enough context or background for you. Also all I know about the last six seasons of Game of Thrones is whatever I’ve overheard in the Paste office or unintentionally gleaned through social media, so hey, maybe you’ll get more out of this thing than I did.

Click the thing below if you want, and you can find more from last night’s SNL on the show’s official YouTube page. Matt Damon hosts the last episode of the year this Saturday, so get ready for a Christmas carol about Brett Kavanaugh, or something.

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