SNL's Game of Thrones Tribute Rap Suddenly Becomes about a Different (and Better) Show

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<i>SNL</i>'s <i>Game of Thrones</i> Tribute Rap Suddenly Becomes about a Different (and Better) Show

Game of Thrones finally comes to an end tonight, and all of America is mourning. The show’s fans are sad to see it go, and so are those of us who don’t watch it but love watching hardcore obsessive fans get viscerally angry when something they supposedly love doesn’t end exactly the way they want it to. And unlike the ridiculous Last Jedi freak-out, this one seems like it might be deserved—normal, everyday folks who don’t usually have time to get pissed at a TV show are legitimately upset over whatever’s happening in Westeros these days. Anything that gets people to stop acting like the great Lost finale is the worst one ever is fine by us.

SNL seems to have a similar view of Game of Thrones. In last night’s season finale Pete Davidson rapped about how sad he was to see it go, before quickly revealing he actually hasn’t watched it and rapping about a different song instead—a song that stars a handful of true legends, is exclusive to Netflix, and has rather quietly hit the five-season threshold that streaming shows rarely make it to. We’d give you clues, but it’d probably take two-thirds of a full work day to figure it out, so you can just watch the video below. The episode’s host Paul Rudd also pops up to celebrate the same show, so if you like the idea of watching two dudes rap about a show that your mom probably loves, check it out. It’s actually kind of funny.

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