Watch Tom Hanks' Monologue from Saturday Night Live's Home Quarantine Episode

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Watch Tom Hanks' Monologue from <i>Saturday Night Live</i>'s Home Quarantine Episode

Saturday Night Live returned with a new episode tonight, and it’s one of the most unique ones in the show’s 45 year history. It took a page from the late night talk shows, which haven’t ceased production despite the pandemic, and built a new episode out of footage shot at each cast member’s homes. And it even had a surprise host: Tom Hanks, aka “America’s Dad,” aka the self-pronounced “celebrity canary in the coal mine” for COVID-19. Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are safe at home after catching the virus in Australia in March, and his real-life recovery from it lends a bit more weight to the inspiring words that close out his monologue. Before then, though, it’s a fairly typical SNL monologue, despite being shot in his kitchen and having obvious edits—it even briefly does the audience Q&A bit that the show leans on a little too much. Instead of cast members or writers, though, the questions are all from Hanks sporting a different hat and fake accent. It was a familiar but offbeat start to perhaps the weirdest episode of SNL ever, and you can watch it below.

Oh, and if you ever wanted to see what the SNL cast members’ homes looked like, now’s your chance: this clip includes the opening credits, which were all shot at each actor’s homes.

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