Watch Walter White Join the Trump Administration on Saturday Night Live

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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John Cena might’ve been the host last night, but the first famous face to drop by Saturday Night Live was Bryan Cranston in the show’s cold open. He dug up his most famous character, Walter White from Breaking Bad (sorry, Malcolm in the Middle fans: Hal is clearly in second place now), in a sketch about the peculiar nature of incoming president Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. In an administration where every department head is opposed to that department’s very existence, who better to head up the DEA than TV’s most beloved meth dealer? Sure, we can quibble about whether this sketch is actually funny at all, or about how lazy and uninspired it is (surprisingly so, coming during what has been a strong season so far), but we can’t deny that people like to see familiar things on their TVs (and, increasingly, on their phones and computers after the actual fact), and since we here at Paste are in the business of posting things for you to look at, here’s the clip: the clip where Walter White joins the Trump Administration on Saturday Night Live.

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