Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Sebastian Maniscalco's New Netflix Special Is It Me?

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Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for Sebastian Maniscalco's New Netflix Special <i>Is It Me?</i>

In recent years, comedian Sebastian Maniscaclo has been showcasing his acting skills. He played Linda Cardellini’s brother in Green Book as well as mobster Joe Gallo in The Irishman, and voices Foreman Spike in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie.

But Maniscalco is a comic at heart, which is why he’s returning with his fourth Netflix special, Is It Me?, out on December 6. The Chicago-raised performer’s previous hours on the streamer include What’s Wrong With People, Why Would You Do That?, and Stay Hungry. In the Paste review for his most recent Netflix special, Stay Hungry (2019), contributor Graham Techler wrote that he admired Maniscalco’s “ability to be read from the back of the house, fully utilizing his practically rubber physicality, whipping his arms around like a windmill, and hyperanimating his face with one plosive consonant after another.”

Hopefully there’s more substance to Is It Me?, and even the title itself implies a level of self-reflection that may add an extra dimension to his act beyond his signature angry-at-the-world demeanor. The special is directed by Peter Segal (Get Smart, 50 First Dates) and looks to have some 1960s Rat Pack glitz and glam, especially as it was filmed at the Wynn Las Vegas. Maniscalco spends the set riffing on what it’s like to have a kid in preschool these days, his wife’s restaurant manners, and the idiosyncrasies of humanity.

Watch the trailer for Is It Me? exclusive here at Paste, and check out the key art for Maniscalco’s special further down.