Donald Trump Lies About the Coronavirus, and Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look

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Donald Trump Lies About the Coronavirus, and Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look

Donald Trump’s unwavering commitment to ignoring reality and never letting facts get in the way of his self-serving lies has unsurprisingly extended into his response to the coronavirus outbreak. He’s lied about the death rate on Sean Hannity’s show. He’s lied about the government “shutting [the virus] down,” even while it continues to spread throughout the country. He lies so frequently, so unhesitatingly, that it’s hard to believe him even when the rare word of truth comes out of his mouth. It’s just who the dude is: a fairy tale writer whose stories exclusively star himself.

Of course lying about your wealth or your success with women is way different than lying about a quickly spreading illness that has killed thousands of people worldwide. His lies aren’t just part of a shameless megalomaniac’s obnoxious personality—they can hurt people. And these lies about the coronavirus are especially dangerous. That’s what Seth Meyers, a late night comedian and not an actual journalist, hones in on in his latest installment of A Closer Look. While “legitimate” journalists are afraid to report that Trump is lying, Meyers points out the obvious, which is that this frighteningly irresponsible liar has proven himself to be completely incapable of dealing with a public health crisis like the coronavirus. Is the video funny? I mean, that’s for you to decide. Does it help counteract the lies and lack of appropriate response that our government has brought to this issue? Only if you watch it. Check it out below, and try to stay healthy out there.

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