Seth Meyers Delights in The Mooch's Downfall, Congress' Dysfunction

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Seth Meyers’ “A Closer Look” segment continues to out-Daily Show the actual Daily Show, and the host had plenty to work with on last night’s Late Night. After the surprising departure of Reince Priebus and the significantly less-surprising firing of Anthony Scaramucci, Meyers went to work picking up the pieces of the Trump administration.

Meyers appears to almost pity Priebus, the loyal toadie whom Trump nevertheless discarded via tweet. The host goes over a pair of humiliating incidents in which Priebus was utterly robbed of any of his remaining shreds of dignity, including a rainy solo car ride on the day of his firing and an insect hit job. Nonetheless, Reincey managed to outlast everyone’s expectations for his Trump administration tenure … until The Mooch came along.

Scaramucci, whom Meyers aptly identifies as “114 pounds of alfredo sauce, hair gel and rage,” flamed Priebus in both public and private (although Reince got off easy compared to Steve “Autofellatio” Bannon), even stooping so low as to call him “Reince Penis” behind his back. But life broke land speed records while coming at The Mooch, who lost his job after doing it for just 10 turbo-dumb days.

From there, Meyers runs down Scaramucci’s potential successors, including an airhorn with chest hair, before moving on to “another dysfunctional branch of government”: Congress, where GOP healthcare bills go to die. The host circled back to Friday’s dramatic late-night vote, primarily to point out that Trump and company’s failures are hardly isolated—the people running our country are fucking up across the board.

Watch the full segment above, and pour two out for “Reinthony Scaramiebus.”

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