Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump's Nuclear Twitter War With North Korea

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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As the world tries to determine how to respond to North Korea’s threats to fire nuclear missiles at U.S. territories like Guam, our president mostly just shouts whatever he’s thinking at any given moment on Twitter. Seth Meyer’s most recent “A Closer Look” segment delved into Trump’s particular disposition and how it might affect the North Korean nuclear situation.

Meyers starts off by claiming Trump is like a bullhorn with a corn syrup addiction, later referring to him as “Bullhorn McSyrup.” Obviously, Meyers doesn’t think highly of Trump’s lack of tact. In fact, Meyers goes out of his way to remind Trump that when responding to North Korea, “you’re not supposed to sound like North Korea.”

All of Trump’s random and volatile tweets, to Meyers, point to a growing divide in the administration. Trump’s own staff has complained about the difficulty of dealing with their leader’s tweets, and, in general, Trump has failed to show the sort of poise needed to handle these tense situations.

Watch the full clip above so that you may laugh while also being informed.

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