Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump's Weekend Twitter Fit

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump's Weekend Twitter Fit

Donald Trump, a barely sentient being fueled entirely by talk radio and the high-pitched squeals of Mark Levin’s night terrors, is also a president. That was especially hard to remember this past weekend, when he spent most of his free time losing his mind on Twitter. Apparently there is absolutely nothing else happening in the world today that needs his attention, as he felt it necessary to complain on Twitter about John McCain (who died in August), Saturday Night Live (which aired a rerun this weekend), General Motors, Robert Mueller, and a whole bunch more. He also went on a manic retweet jag, sharing messages from various fringe, far right accounts that in the past have helped spread nonsense like the fake Pizzagate conspiracy. Most surprising of all, he even went after Fox News, which he normally praises almost as much as he praises himself, for employing at least (and, probably, at most) three anchors who don’t salivate over Trump at every possible moment. (Yes, the three anchors includes Shepard Smith.) Trump spat out 50 tweets in total over the weekend, including retweets, which confirms once again that he is officially America’s first Very Online President.

One of Trump’s targets, although not by name, was Late Night with Seth Meyers. In one of his tweets Trump threatened to have the FEC and FCC investigate “bias” in SNL and late-night shows, because obviously TV shows should legally have to be as fair and balanced as Trump’s unofficial propaganda wing at Fox News. Obviously a political comedian as astute (and with as many weekly hours to fill) as Meyers wouldn’t miss the opportunity to look at a president’s unhinged social media blurts, and so here we are with the latest edition of “A Closer Look” from last night’s episode. If you missed Trump’s nonsense, or smartly have him blocked on Twitter, let Meyers run you through the cascade of horseshit pumped out of our president’s phone this weekend—a weekend in which the world was reeling from the white supremacist massacre of Muslims at a house of worship in New Zealand on Friday. Check out Meyers’ take on Trump’s latest indignities below.

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