Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump's Pathetic Attacks on Kamala Harris

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump's Pathetic Attacks on Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is officially Joe Biden’s running mate, and President Trump is treating his election rivals with the respect and dignity you’d respect from him. Meaning, of course, absolutely none at all. The president has never met a woman he wouldn’t dismiss as “nasty” the second they said anything critical of him, and that disrespect only gets more flagrant when the woman’s also a person of color. So yes, Trump hasn’t been especially presidential this week when talking about Harris’s selection, going so far as to once again start up that birther bullshit and question whether a Black political rival is even eligible to run for office. (Yes, she is. All arguments to the contrary are just racist partisanship.) If you needed to be reminded, there is no low to which Trump and the right-wing media won’t sink when it comes to smearing and demeaning their opponents.

Yeah, there are some entirely legitimate complaints that can be (and have been) levied at Harris and her track record, both as a former prosecutor and as a politician. Of course those aren’t issues that the right-wing would have a problem with, or ever think to criticize. Instead they’ll stick to insults, conspiracy theories, and outright lies about Harris and her positions.

That’s the focus of Seth Meyers’ latest Closer Look segment. On last night’s Late Show the comedian dug into right-wing efforts to attack Harris, and why the whole thing only makes Trump look even sadder and more desperate than he already did. Check it out below, if you aren’t already terminally sick of politics and the sheer disingenuousness of everything Trump says and does.

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