Watch Seth Meyers Take "A Closer Look" at Trump's Cringeworthy First Cabinet Meeting

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Yesterday, Trump gathered his cabinet together to collectively press their lips against his ass while he talked about how he is the greatest president since FDR. Naturally, Seth Meyers wasn’t having any of that crap, and dedicated last nights “A Closer Look” segment to refuting the president’s claims.

Early on in the segment, Meyers claims even Kim Jong Un would find the forced praise of Trump as going a little too far. “Dude, have some self-respect,” Meyers quips. After riffing on Trump’s awkward cabinet meeting for a couple of minutes, Meyers shifts to talk about the Comey testimony. Trump has refuted everything Comey said, but also claims he wouldn’t have done anything wrong if he had. This, as Meyers points out, is like “a husband who denies cheating on his wife, but also wants credit for getting laid.” Trump goes on to claim he’d be willing to repeat these accusations under oath, even though he’s repeatedly lied under oath before.

It’s a funny and revealing segment that really delves into some of the utter insanity surrounding Trump’s most recent difficulties. It also honestly begs the question, what will Seth Meyers do after Trump leaves office? He’s done so well covering the man, it seems like it’ll be hard to ever top this early work. Oh well, at least for now, we’ve got some hilarious news coverage.

Check out the entire clip above.

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