Watch Silicon Valley's Jared Turn Into a Serial Killer in Fan-Made Mock Horror Trailer

Comedy Video Silicon Valley
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Although Silicon Valley has received some mild flak of late for its perceived inability to grow and move forward, there is one character that’s most certainly not static. Jared, played by Zach Woods, has slowly been shifting from a perpetually cheery and unflinchingly loyal conservative nerd whose uncle once told him he looked “like someone starved a virgin to death,” to a guy that’s “using that dick.” But it’s more than just Jared’s sexuality that’s awakening—it’s also something more sinister. One of the funniest elements of the show is its slow unraveling of the “product of forced adoption,” as he’s forced to try and cope with the high-intensity, morally ambiguous world of cutting-edge tech.

Obviously, we’re not the only ones to notice Jared’s mania. The folks over at Matus Labs have decided to fully explore the depths of the character’s madness with a mock horror trailer that portrays Jared as less doggedly loyal friend and more obsessively clingy psycho.

The trailer is hilarious not only for its clever juxtaposition of entirely out-of-context clips, but from how little editing is actually done to Jared’s scenes. They didn’t need to overdub Jared screaming in German in his sleep or digitally add redness to his vacant eyes. A few screen glitches and a classic horror drone, and the trailer basically makes itself.

Maybe next season will begin with Jared snapping and eating Erlich so as to cleanly write T.J. Miller’s character out of the show.

Watch the full, terrifying “trailer” above.