South Park Celebrates 20 Seasons with Appropriately Disgusting By-The-Numbers Video

Comedy Video South Park
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South Park is quickly approaching its twentieth season, and the folks behind it have decided to break the show down by the numbers in honor of this landmark achievement. South Park has certainly been the subject of a number of controversies over the course of its run, but that’s not the only number that’s been adding up.

For example, if you were ever curious about the number of farting Canadians used on South Park, now you know. If you wanted an accurate count of the number of times Cartman takes a dump, now you’ve got it. Furthermore, if you needed to know exactly how many times Kenny dies on South Park, they’ve got you covered.

It’s really a very useful video, one which will get you amped for the heap of material the show is likely to cover in its forthcoming season, which kicks off on Sept. 14. After all, it hasn’t exactly been the quietest year. Here’s hoping Trey Parker and Matt Stone keep churning out South Park. Otherwise, we may never find those crab people.

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