Exclusive: Listen to the Squidbillies Theme Played by Atlanta Braves Organist Matthew Kaminski

Comedy Audio Squidbillies
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There are two things you should know about the Adult Swim cartoon Squidbillies: it's a twisted but loving send-up of Georgia, the home state of its creators, Dave Willis and Jim Fortier; and it has a different musician perform its theme song every episode. (Okay, you should also know that it's great, especially if you're from Georgia and get why it's amazing that, say, the late Georgia Bulldogs radio legend Larry Munson played the voice of God on an episode.) It follows the misadventures of a family of deformed little squid creatures living in a small north Georgia town, and if you're from here you'll probably recognize glimpses of various people you know (and perhaps are related to) within their outrageous behavior. It's like if Lewis Grizzard turned his books into a cartoon about squids, but only after suffering severe, permanent brain damage.

Those two crucial facts collide in the latest version of the show's theme song. Matthew Kaminski, the organist for the Atlanta Braves, rips off a classic ballpark rendition of the tune. If you close your eyes you can just envision it reverberating through the hallowed concourses of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium as Bob Horner sidles up to the batter's box. Look, there's beloved usher Walter Banks welcoming Ted Turner to his first row seat! And there's Pascual Pérez circling 285 one more time, looking for that exit that he'll never find. How about that Glavine kid down in Richmond? He could really be something one day!

New episodes of Squidbillies air on Adult Swim on Sunday nights at midnight ET/PT. You can learn more about Kaminski's theme in the behind the scenes video above.