12 Questions Star Wars: The Last Jedi Needs to Answer

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12 Questions <i>Star Wars: The Last Jedi</i> Needs to Answer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens today, and we can barely contain our excitement here in the Paste office, in a galaxy far, far away, in lovely Decatur, Georgia. We’re mere hours from another exciting trip to the Star Wars universe, and we can’t help but think about all the unanswered questions from the eight previous movies in the series. The Force Awakens was a rousing return to form for the space epic, but in true cliffhanger fashion, it left us desperate to see what happens next, and wondering how the Star Wars brain trust will start to tie up all of its loose ends. Part of the fun of these movies—and of fandom in general—is debating possibilities and nuances with other fans online (and some of us here are old enough to remember when you had to meet up with people in person to have conversations like that!) In order to spark discussion and get everybody even more amped up for tonight’s big premiere, we’re going to share the 12 biggest Star Wars questions that we here at Paste hope to see answered in The Last Jedi. If you have any theories, we’d love to hear them! You can leave comments at Paste’s Facebook page or tweet us at @PasteMagazine.

(And we realize some of these might have already been answered in a Star Wars book or comic or something, but c’mon—Star Wars ain’t a book, it’s movies, silly!)

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12 Questions Star Wars: The Last Jedi Needs to Answer

1. Can a Jedi see every Jedi ghost or only the ghosts of Jedi they knew in real life?

2. How scared was the first Jedi to see a Jedi ghost?

3. Did the first Jedi to see a Jedi ghost try to attack it with their light stick?

4. What happens if you attack a Jedi ghost with a light stick?

5. I mean, they’re both basically just light. Would the Jedi ghost get absorbed by the light stick?

6. Is that where the light from a light stick comes from?

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7. Is a Jedi light stick just a tube filled with the anguished spirits of dead Jedi?

8. If two Jedi touch their light sticks together at the exact spot a Jedi ghost is hanging out on, is that like (lol) crossing the streams? (LOL!) (That’s a Ghostbusters reference, btw.)

9. What sort of Jedi cusses did the Jedi ghost of Samuel L. Jackson haunt Darth Vader with?

10. Has the Jedi ghost of Yoda had the ghost of Frank Oz’s hand inside it this whole time?

11. If you inherit the family farm when the grandfather who raised you finally passes away after his long, depressing battle with Alzheimer’s (sadly after having to bury his only child decades earlier), and the old barn reminds you so much of the accident that took both of your parents from you when you were still a baby that you can’t even stand to look at it, and you decide to tear the old barn down and replace it with a beautiful garden to honor your beloved grandfather, what will the Jedi ghost who haunts the old barn do? (You don’t remember her name, but you know she was one of those Jedi with the long, cigar-shaped heads before she became a Jedi ghost.)

12. Is Ready Player One going to be the best Star Wars ever, or what?

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Garrett Martin edits Paste’s comedy and games sections. He was born during a Star War. He’s on Twitter @grmartin.