Stephen Colbert Accuses Devin Nunes of Being Deep Inside Trump's "Inner Circle"

Comedy Video Stephen Colbert
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Every week in Trump’s administration is like watching a trashy reality TV show. Something along the lines of Real Politicians: Washington, D.C. would be an apt title. Colbert recently investigated Rep. Devin Nunes’ conflicts of interest in his investigation of Trump’s involvement with Russia on The Late Show.

Early on in the bit, he does a fun little illustration on the whole Russia controversy using titles of Tom Clancy novels, making the whole convoluted mess a little more interesting. He then breaks out the “Figure-It-Out-A-Tron,” a chalkboard said to be “the highest technology available to The Late Show.” Centered on a “photo-realistic portrait” of Devin Nunes, Colbert drew a stick figure with each limb reaching out to each of his loyalties that conflict his interests. He then drew a giant “W,” indicating how far up in the White House, or Trump’s “ASSociates,” Nunes has found himself.

Check out the video above, and go here to read Paste’s take on Nunes’ bungled Russian investigation.

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