Colbert Calls Out Jeff Sessions' Lies in Late Show Monologue

Comedy Video Stephen Colbert
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Whew. What a week. After Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself (peer pressure is a bitch) from any investigations into Trump’s possible contact with the Russians, Colbert blasted him on The Late Show, which is something he has turned into an elegant art form.

Al Franken asked Sessions what he might do if it’s discovered that Trump did communicate with the Russians, to which he replied, basically saying, “I’m not aware of anything, I’m not a surrogate, blah blah blah … ” (We’re paraphrasing here.) Colbert responded like many others did, saying, “Franken didn’t even ask if you were involved! Why did you volunteer to lie?!” He then went onto explain why Sessions’ office said he did not lie about his meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, saying he met with Kislyak not as a surrogate, but “in his capacity as a member of the armed services panel.” Colbert responded, comparing him to an unfaithful husband justifying his infidelity, saying, “Honey, I wasn’t having sex with her as your husband. I was humping her in my capacity as a member of the armed services panel! Totally different.”

But honestly, the best part about this video is during Sessions’ lie to Franken, the guy behind Sessions darts his eyes between Sessions and Franken. It’s a really great little moment, like he’s stumbled on a glorious spat, but doesn’t want to reveal his presence to the quarrelers.

Check out the full video above, and Paste’s coverage of the Sessions recusal here and here.

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