Stephen Colbert's 10 Greatest Moments on The Daily Show

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The world is all atwitter—particularly the world of Twitter—about Stephen Colbert being named the heir to David Letterman’s late night throne on The Late Show. For the last several years, we’ve been able to enjoy Colbert as an over-the-top blowhard on The Colbert Report, but most people were probably introduced to his brilliance on the Report’s lead in, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

In honor of his (waaay) humbler Comedy Central beginnings we put together a list of Colbert’s 10 greatest segments and moments as a Daily Show correspondent.

10. Even Stevphen

Maybe this is cheating a little bit, but why should we settle for merely a single edition of “Even Stevphen”? Instead, here’s a selection of the best The Daily Show ran during its 10-year anniversary celebration in 2006. Colbert and Carell are still the two biggest names to ever to emerge from the show, and watching this makes it easy to see why.

9. This Week in God

Another one of Colbert’s beloved recurring segments, “This Week in God.” Here’s a great one that has Colbert taking on Scientology and more.

8. The Papologist

It may seem redundant to have two religion-based clips on this list, but, given that Colbert has taken to calling himself one of this country’s foremost Catholics on his show, we would be remiss not to include a clip related to Papal matters.

7. Hosting

John Oliver got a lot of love when he hosted The Daily Show but let us not forget that Colbert did it first.

6. Stephen Colbert is Al Sharpton

To think, there was once a time when a guest might cancel on The Daily Show and they’d resort to having Colbert pretend to be the Reverend Al Sharpton.

5. The Good Old Days

Given how long Colbert was with The Daily Show it seemed necessary to include a clip from before the turn of the millennium. Also, there’s a cross burning. So…uhhh, yeah.

4. On Location at Bush’s 2004 Presidential Nomination

Obviously, Presidential elections really help The Daily Show make its bones, so here’s Colbert on the scene when George W. Bush was given the inevitable support of the Republican Party to run for re-election. This clip is also a reminder of a bygone era when The Daily Show had an affinity for NAMBLA jokes.

3. Senior Conceptual Art Correspondent

Come for the clip of Stephen Colbert breaking down conceptual art. Stay for his clear self-satisfaction with his facial hair.

2. Klassic Kolbert on Civil…err…Smoking Rights

When Colbert first left The Daily Show, they decided to run some of their favorite segments he did under the guise of “Klassic Kolbert.” Who are we to argue with the classics? Or, rather, the klassics.

1. Grouse Hunting in Shropshire

It’s been shared and shared again in the wake of the announcement that Colbert will be taking over for Letterman, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you yet another opportunity to laugh along with Colbert and Stewart as the difference between American and “aristocratic” culture. After all, it is his greatest Daily Show moment.

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