Paul F. Tompkins and Stephen Colbert Decide Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate

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Paul F. Tompkins stopped by last night’s The Late Show to talk politics with Stephen Colbert. Colbert was live after the Vice Presidential debate, and he asked Tompkins to weigh in on the winner. “I think it was Pence, and I think not only did he take the trophy home, he kind of looks like a trophy,” Tompkins joked.

Tompkins also took some time to explain how he’s been watching the presidential race unfold. “I’ve been watching it like I would watch a horror movie that I’m in, and I don’t know how it’s gonna end and I’m very scared of one possible outcome,” he said. “One’s like ‘Hey, that was a good movie, I’m glad I watched through the scary parts for that very satisfying ending,’ and then one is like ‘I want my money back from that movie … ‘cause I died in it.’”

Tompkins’ take is echoed by many who are both enjoying the race and are terrified of its outcome. Colbert has been holding live shows regularly following major political events this cycle, and it has helped him establish a footing in the late-night realm. Check out the full clip above to watch Colbert feel Tompkins’ velvet suit.

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