Watch Stephen Colbert’s Response to Controversial Democratic Gun Control Sit-In

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In a turn of events shocking to no one who knows who he is, Stephen Colbert backed the Congressional Democrats’ sit-in at the House of Representatives for action on gun control last night on The Late Show. The host also called out Republicans for purportedly shutting off the C-SPAN camera that normally captures all House sessions.

Yesterday, House Democrats entered the House floor, sitting down with intentions of staying there until a new vote was taken on gun laws. Said Colbert on the bold move: “They’re fighting for two things 90 percent of Americans are in favor of: Stopping terrorists from getting guns, and sitting down.”

Colbert riffed on the report of House Republicans turning off the C-SPAN camera, saying “[it] really upset C-SPAN’s viewer.” He reported that C-SPAN then confusingly tweeted, “C-SPAN has no control over U.S. House TV Cameras,” and added, “If it doesn’t control the cameras, then what does C-SPAN do? Is it a money-laundering scheme? Are they a front for the world’s most boring heroin cartel?”

Colbert had plenty more to say about the sit-in, which is still occurring (and back to being shown on C-SPAN) at the time of this writing. Watch the video above to hear all of Colbert’s hilarious comments.

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