Stephen Colbert Will Host Live Election Night Coverage on Showtime

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On Nov. 8 (i.e. Election Day), Stephen Colbert will take The Late Show to Showtime, where he will have more leniency to do and say what he wants than he would have on his show’s regular CBS station.

Titled Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going to Clean Up This [Mess]? the special will go live on Showtime on Nov. 8 at 11 p.m. EST.

In a statement, Colbert said, “It’ll be all the political comedy you love from my CBS show, with all the swearing and nudity you love from Showtime.”

The special will be an hour long, filmed in The Late Show’s normal location in the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.

The special will feature remote segments, surprise guests, and—depending on the way the night goes—possibly a reveal of the new president.

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