Watch Stephen Colbert and Scott Bakula Try to Stop Young Donald Trump Via Quantum Leap

Comedy Video Stephen Colbert
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Stephen Colbert and Scott Bakula took a Quantum Leap in an attempt to stop a young Donald Trump from getting into politics on last night’s Late Show.

In a 1992 episode of the cult-classic TV series, Quantum Leap, Dr. Sam Beckett (Bakula) found himself in the body of a 1950s New York cabbie, and advised a young passenger, “Donald,” that real estate in the city would be very valuable someday. Colbert played this clip and then blamed the rise of Donald Trump on Bakula. “We might be able to reverse this tragedy,” he said, pulling out a colorful device, his own “Quantum Leap-y thing.”

Colbert “leaps” back to Dr. Beckett, the actual Scott Bakula, in the cab when young Trump climbs in. “Let’s get ready to change the future,” says Colbert as a hologram only Dr. Beckett can see. Of course, with everything Dr. Beckett says to young Trump, the future is worse and worse, according to Colbert’s communication with Ziggy, who is in the present, via the “Quantum Leap-y thing.” By the end of the cab ride, Dr. Beckett has so inadvertently influenced young Trump that Ziggy reports from the future that Trump has become “Mega-Pope,” still builds the wall and deports all Hispanics and people named “Paul.”

Watch the clip above to relive the glorious kitsch of Quantum Leap, and to see Scott Bakula looking exactly like he did in 1992.

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