Watch Stephen Colbert bring the "Hungry for Power Games" to the Democratic National Convention

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Last week, Stephen Colbert went full Caesar Flickerman (a la Hunger Games) at the Republican National Convention, crashing the stage for a solid 30 seconds to say he wasn’t supposed to be there, but neither was Donald Trump, and then announcing, “It is my honor to hereby launch and begin the 2016 Republican National Hungry for Power Games!” This week, he attempted a similar feat at the Democratic National Convention, with slightly less success.

In a segment shown on The Late Show, the host again donned his bulbous blue wig and matching eyebrows, stuffed weasel in hand, to act as the Flickerman of the Capitol at the DNC. He strolled about the Wells Fargo Center, joking about the democratic ideals on display at the convention, including a sign pointing toward gluten-free provisions. “Here at the DNC, all lifestyles are welcome, be you gay, straight, or pain in the ass,” said Colbert. The email scandal was fair play, too: he had his weasel “smell” his phone to “get the scent” so he could find the emails.

Colbert’s main objective was to make it onstage, but security seemed to be a bit more aware of his planned hijinks than at the RNC. Despite his making claims he had a “podium pass,” singing the national anthem with bystanders beside the stage and literally begging to be let on the podium, security officers kept Colbert on the lowly main floor. He even reached out to his pal Nancy Pelosi to try to use her leverage, but to no avail. He finally took to running back and forth in front of the stage, forcing officers to do the same, before finally taking off in all of his gumption. He made it to center stage only to shout, “Have a great week,” while security escorted him away.

Watch the video above to witness the attempt in full, and to appreciate Colbert’s spot-on Stanley Tucci impression.

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