Watch Stephen Colbert Excitedly Bash Donald Jr. Being His Own Deepthroat

Comedy Video Stephen Colbert
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Last night, Stephen Colbert dedicated his opening monologue to discussing Donald Trump Jr.’s inexplicable Russia email Twitter reveal. Colbert was understandably pretty excited. How excited? “Let’s just say there’s a reason they’re shooting [Colbert] from the waist up.” Colbert wouldn’t admit to a full “Trump-on,” but he was definitely “sporting a Donald Jr.”

It’s evident through the entire clip just how pumped Colbert was about the most recent Trump scandal. Clearly, he hopes this could be the beginning of the “big one” that maybe finally pushes the needle towards impeachment.

After plowing through a few (obligatory?) erection jokes, Colbert dives straight into the good stuff. He begins by making fun of just how crazy it is that an email scandal would taint a presidential campaign. Colbert then mocks Donald Jr.’s insane decision to tweet out the emails in question. As Colbert wonders aloud, “Does he even have a lawyer?” Rarely would a lawyer suggest such oversharing with the public.

Colbert spends the entire segment hilariously blasting Trump Jr. and the entire ridiculous situation. While most Colbert segments are funny, this one is unique for just how excited the man is. It’s great stuff.

Be sure to watch the full clip above.

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