Listen to an Exclusive Track from the Steven Universe: Volume 2 Soundtrack

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Listen to an Exclusive Track from the <i>Steven Universe: Volume 2 Soundtrack</i>

Steven Universe fans will have a couple of treats waiting for them at the end of this long, hard work week. Two new albums from Cartoon Network’s beloved hit are being released on April 12, for both streaming and digital download. The Steven Universe: Volume 2 Soundtrack features 12 original songs from the show, including “That Distant Shore,” “Ruby Rider” and the ska version of the Tom Scharpling-sung classic “Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart.” Friday will also see the release of Steven Universe: Karaoke, a collection of 11 instrumentals perfect for singing along to at your next big karaoke shindig. (And then next week the season two DVD set will be released, on Tuesday, April 16.)

That double helping of musical Universe magic is still a couple of days away, but you can get a tiny taste of what to expect right here and right now. Steven sings “For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About (Love)” in the fifth season episode “Reunited,” the episode in which Ruby and Sapphire get married. It’s a touching tribute to love cast in the shadow of the many difficulties Steven and the Crystal Gems have faced over the course of the show, and an integral part of one of the series’ greatest emotional high points. We’re saying this one means something.

Listen to the song below, and check out the rest of the second soundtrack volume and the karaoke record when they’re released on streaming and digital download this Friday, April 12. And then relive the entire second season when the DVD set is released next Tuesday, April 16. It’ll be like when you watched it on TV or Hulu the first time, only now you’ll be able to actually hold it in your hands, too.

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