Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead Does a Pretty Decent Conan O'Brien Impression

Comedy Video Steven Yeun
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There are huge Walking Dead spoilers in here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

America is in mourning after Sunday’s The Walking Dead, but Steven Yeun has already found another job. Yeun, whose character Glenn was brutally killed off on Sunday’s episode, along with Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham, decided to sub in for Conan O’Brien during the rehearsals for last night’s Conan.

Yeun has all of the skills required to host his own late-night program. He’s got the mug, the musical chops and hopefully the hair. Yeun, himself not a natural redhead, had to call in Cudlitz for a little help in that department.

While Yeun may actually be in between jobs, the clip makes a good case for a potential career shift. He’s probably tired of hunting zombies anyway. Check out the full clip above to see what Yeun thinks of cue cards.