The Church Lady Returns to SNL to Interview Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

Comedy Video Ted Cruz
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Dana Carvey made a surprising return to SNL last night, kicking off the latest episode with a brand new Church Lady sketch. The Church Lady was up to her old tricks, tearing into her favorite old target Madonna about her Met Gala outfit and teeing off on Beyonce about Lemonade and Jay-Z’s infidelity. The real reason to watch, though, besides nostalgia, is the Church Lady’s interviews with Ted Cruz (Taran Killam) and Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond). Take a look above. And if you’re wondering why they randomly dug up a 30-year-old character played by a former regular who had no other reason to be at the studio last night, well, Carvey has a new show coming to the USA Network on Tuesday, a competition show about celebrity impressionists co-hosted by Freddie Prinze Jr., and this is pretty good promotion, isn’t it?

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