Watch an Exclusive Clip from Teenage Euthanasia's Season Finale

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Watch an Exclusive Clip from <i>Teenage Euthanasia</i>'s Season Finale

Teenage Euthanasia wraps up its debut season on Adult Swim this weekend, and Paste has an exclusive preview of the finale. Created by Alissa Nutting and Alyson Levy, Teenage Euthanasia focuses on the Fantasy family, who run a funeral home in Florida in the near future. It’s a return to Adult Swim’s roots in absurdist animation, and it has an all-star lineup, with three of today’s most distinctive comic voices and a legit Broadway legend playing the main characters. Jo Firestone stars as Euthanasia “Annie” Fantasy, a well-meaning teen just trying to get by with a disjoined family in a messed-up state, while Maria Bamford voices her back-from-the-dead mother Trophy Fantasy, Tim Robinson plays Uncle Pete, and Bebe Neuwirth gives voice to grandmother Baba. (Also, Paste friend and longtime contributor Jamie Loftus is a writer, which we love seeing.) Teenage Euthanasia is dark, depressing, and defiantly gross, but also kind of heartwarming in its own curious way. More importantly, it’s really funny.

This Sunday’s finale hints at revealing who Annie’s father is, and this clip sets that up in ridiculous and biting fashion. As Paste’s games editor, I can say that we would definitely love to review a board game called Daddy, It’s Me! Florida Edition, where the player finds out who their real biological father is. Check out the video below to see a TV commercial for Daddy, It’s Me!, and to also witness Uncle Pete (who, again, is voiced by perhaps the funniest man alive, Tim Robinson) struggle with opening a beer can the right way.

Teenage Euthanasia’s season finale airs on Adult Swim on Sunday, Oct. 17 at 12 a.m. ET/PT