The Funniest Thanksgiving Tweets

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The Funniest Thanksgiving Tweets

Things to be thankful for: dogs, cats, friends, family, bright puffy clouds, gentle breezes, gentler breezes, cacti, in-ground pools, Peak TV, private browsing, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, bagels, bialys, iced coffee, scented candles, certain shades of blue, nougat, wingback chairs, toadstools, the word “toadstools,” most other words, electric blankets, universal remotes, vaccines, back rubs, cognates, cognac, cogs, wheels, wheelbarrows, barrels, carrels, caroling, Carol King, kangaroos, violins, those birds that eat leftover bits of meat from between the teeth of alligators and the alligators don’t eat the birds, pocket squares, the ancient art of glassblowing, ginger ale, when the second act of a movie is better than the first act and the third act is better than the second, poems that rhyme and also are good, clean water, eight years of relatively stable governance, investigative journalism, dogs again, these funny tweets by these funny people: