Watch Tommy Wiseau Join James Franco on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Comedy Video The Disaster Artist
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Last night, a mysterious vagrant wandered onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! as the show was taping an interview with James Franco. No, wait, that was just Tommy Wiseau of The Room infamy, helping Franco to promote his film The Disaster Artist, which stars Franco as Wiseau during the making of the midnight cult classic movie.

Wearing his signature sunglasses, at least three belts and sporting his usual unkempt hair, Wiseau gave bizarre and rambling answers to some of Kimmel’s questions, saying that he was age “whatever it is,” hails from the country of “New Orleans” and that he liked 99.9 percent of The Disaster Artist.

Watch the segment above, and check out our 80.0 percent review of The Disaster Artist here.