The Funniest #BernieLostMe Tweets

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The Funniest #BernieLostMe Tweets

We don’t want to talk about politics. We don’t care about your Bernie Bros or who you’re with. We don’t care if you think that dust-up in Nevada last weekend was either the Sanders campaign stoking anger and resentment over properly followed rules, or the DNC breaking those rules to prop up Clinton’s campaign and hurt Sanders’s chances. You believe what you want to believe and we’ll leave you the hell alone. (Just don’t believe in Trump. Please.) But we can’t just sit here and let the #BernieLostMe hash tag on Twitter go unremarked upon. After Sanders released a weak response on the Nevada situation, #BernieLostMe shot to the top of Twitter’s trending topics this afternoon. Some of the tweets are clearly Clinton supporters attacking the Sanders campaign. Others are legitimate fans or supporters of Sanders’s who are upset over some of the decisions he and his campaign have made over the last few months. Even more are staunch Sanders supporters sarcastically using the hash tag to attack Clinton’s campaign.

Those are the three main types of tweets you find when you search for #BernieLostMe, and we don’t care about a single god-damned one of them. All we care about are the fourth kind of tweet popping up with that tag: the ones that treat the entire concept with the utter lack of respect it deserves. The ones that are funny and dismissive and make fun of the whole thing. Those are our people; those are our people’s tweets. Here are the best of them. Enjoy.

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