The Funniest Iowa Caucus Tweets

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The Funniest Iowa Caucus Tweets

Iowa had its caucus last night. It’s the first time people actually got together to hash out who should be the next president, after what’s already felt like an infinite campaign. It’s the morning after and the thing we remember the most about last night’s caucus was being told repeatedly who won the last few Iowa Caucuses. Not like as a nostalgic callback to the simpler days of Santorum Ascendant, but to remind everybody that these things really aren’t that good at predicting the next president. That just because Ted Cruz stole one from under Trump doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed at least four years of Prez Cruz. We remember that and we remember the tweets, the sad hilarious tweets, that we just spent the last hour compiling. Maybe that’s why we remember them. Either way, you should get to know those tweets, so you too can remember them. You can’t remember tweets you haven’t read. So read these! They’re funny. And they come from these mirthful few: